Listening Activities Listening Activities
The website provides a lot of Flash activities. Listen to the recording and finish the tasks.
English, baby!
There are English lessons in the form of video or audio. After that, there are vocabulary quizzes.
Every theme of the URL contains a listening exercise. Try to understand what the audio means and fill in the meaning.
In-House Listening Quizzes
There are 10 sentences and a passage listening quizzes. But, no answer is provided.
OM Audio English Dialogues Conversations
The website presents multimedia units for listening comprehension in three levels of difficulty. This package of dialogues provide with wide possibilities for ESL Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced students and teachers. (Last updated date: Student | Listening
There are listening comprehension exercises in this website. The exercises are divided into 4 levels.
Beginner Listening
The Beginner Listening course will help you hear what people are saying in English. In the course, you will listen to many people talking about many interesting things. You will read lessons, listen to conversations and stories, and watch videos too. There are lots of exercises to practice listening. You will improve your listening skills. You will learn and use new vocabulary and useful grammar too. Students can get access to other levels. – Learn English Online – Test Your Level
There are free online dictations with fast, clear sound. After you choose a passage, the whole passage is read at normal speed for you to listen for gist; Then, each phrase is read slowly twice, with punctuation, as you write; after that, the whole passage is read again for you to check your work. Finally, the written text is shown – count your mistakes.
Songs – British Council – LearnEnglish Kids
Do you love songs? Find easy songs, and songs that are more difficult – for Primary school students. All the songs are with flash animations.
Listening Downloads – British Council – LearnEnglish Kids
Do you want to listen to interesting features in English? Here are some files that you can download and listen to wherever you want. There are activities for you to print too, and links to a website where can find lots more downloads to listen to about lots of different topics. Happy listening!
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