English Corner - Pronunciation English Corner – Pronunciation
There are pronunciation exercises of phonetics, irregular verbs and regular verbs.
ESLgold – Pronunciation
The website includes diagnostic, sound and distinctions exercises. You can listen the sample audio and read the passage aloud.
ToLearnEnglish.com – Pronunciation
The website provided 36 beginner level exercises, 13 intermediate level exercises and 4 advanced level exercises.
English zone –Speaking zone
Some speaking exercises are for both guests and member. Brief notes are provided before some exercises.
BBC – Pronunciation Quiz
10 questions to test you and help you learn about English pronunciation. There are questions about sound symbols, similar sounds, spelling and pronunciation and listening for sounds.
Repeat After Us
A site that has recordings of famous poems, speeches, poems etc that people can listen or practice speaking English too.
ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions: Speaking Lesson Activities
There are currently 610 discussion topics to choose from. The speaking activities are on everyday themes and more controversial issues. Teachers can use them for ESL lessons, speaking practice, debate clubs, and lesson add-ons. Students can form discussion groups for independent speaking practice.
Open English World
This site provides activities to help improve your spoken English. Choose ‘English Idioms’ and ‘English Conversation’ and listen to the sample clips of some daily conversations. Practise by repeating after them.
English Phonetics and Phonology for Non-native Speakers
Try the online exercises at this website to learn more about pronunciation. The ‘Word and Phrasal Stress’ and ‘Silent Letters’ exercises are very useful for students.
Ship or Sheep
Can you distinguish the pronunciation of ship and sheep? At this page, you can practise this kind of minimal pairs with audio available.
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